Key Management Software

You have made a substantial investment in your key system. Take full control of the security it offers with… Key Issue.

Track, monitor and manage the keys in your system and recall vital security information via

  • Doors – which keys or staff have access to a particular door.
  • Keys – who is in possession of particular keys and which doors can those keys access.
  • Key Holders – what keys are held by each holder and which doors can that person access
Key Management


To get started with Key Issue enter in your own key system details using helpful data entry features including a powerful keying chart. Alternatively, import your key system information direct from your locksmith (if they use Key Mastery). Then enter your key holders or import a list from any .TXT or .CSV file.

From here easily issue keys to key holders with the option to print receipts for them to sign. All data is crossed referenced in Key Issue allowing easy viewing and reporting of any aspect of your key system at any time in a whole or part-system report. Custom designed for restricted key systems, Key Issue offers the ability to order restricted keys from your supplier.

Ordering Additional keys is as easy as entering the amount of extra copies required. A printed order containing all the necessary information is then generated for your supplier. In the future key system details can be easily updated to reflect any changes to your key system. Also containing video tutorials, Key Issue is quick and easy to learn. It is fully net-workable and also contains comprehensive security options for multi-user environments.

Key Issue is the perfect application for any location where a key system is used.