Learn Doors Hardware Scheduling

  1. Installation and Setup

    Download the Doors 3 software installation and setup guides:

  2. Getting Started Guides

    Are you new to Doors??? Get up and running in the shortest time possible with these getting started guides below.?? Learn how to create a project from start to finish in just five easy steps:

  3. Full User Guides

    Download the Doors 3 software user manuals:

  4. Load a sample project

    View and edit a finished project in Doors:

    • Download and save the sample project file by clicking Here – DEMO4.DP3
    • Once downloaded, open Doors and click the round yellow Doors logo button at the top left of the screen.
    • From the drop down menu that appears, select Load Doors3 Project
    • Browse for the DEMO4.DP3 file, select the file, and click Load
    • Once loaded the sample project will be opened
    • Use the project to learn all the features in Doors by following the getting started or user guides above