Frequently Asked Questions


As a Doors 2 customer, why should I upgrade to Doors 3?

Doors 3 offers improved features to help you and your team become more efficient and productive.???? Developed using the latest Microsoft technology and SQL Server database engine Doors 3 offers:

  • A new data grid with enhanced searching, filtering and sorting functions
  • Improved attractive reporting with flexible customisation and batch (group) reporting for quick report generation
  • Enhanced user security with new user permission settings
  • Efficient import and export option to save re-entry of data
  • New fields for door and product details


Can I still access my Doors 2 project files and inventory if I upgrade to Doors 3?

Doors 3 is compatible with your existing Doors 2 data and is available in three editions to suit your needs:

  • Architectural Edition ??? For architectural hardware suppliers (replaces Doors Professional).
  • Specifier Edition ??? For those who only specify and do not require pricing (New).
  • Essential Edition ??? A basic version for anyone who tenders on locks and door hardware but does not require all the features of the Architectural Edition (replaces Doors Standard).


How much is it to upgrade from Doors 2?

As a valued existing Doors 2 customer, you’ll pay only these special upgrade prices: